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Night Watch 06:24
Interlude 02:47
Dub Hypnosis 08:49
No Escape 05:41


Official Press Release, year 2005.
Created as the antithesis of ‘musical journey’, CONTINVVM is mental and imaginary spaces in sound; created by London based artist and producer Gaudi with Sound-Therapist Antonio Testa in year 2005. The organic sounds and colours of Antonio’s ethnic, recycled and homemade instruments and percussion, exist alongside and within Gaudi’s electronic creations and manipulations forming atmospheres in which the mind is left free to create. CONTINVVM is an auditory stimulation, a gateway to a self-determined co-ordinate in space time.
“CONTINVVM represents a fresh approach to an established musical genre, better classified ‘space-out’ than ‘chill-out’. It is a blank canvas for the mind with the sounds creating a stimulus for the listener to explore their own inner worlds; to experience an endless inner space or a series of spaces that exist without the anchor of linear time.”

”An intelligent concept album, amazingly produced!”
PETE NAMLOOK (Artist/Producer)

“Metarhythmic protodub from the grain swamps of Zarathustra 5; Beautiful!!!
GREG HUNTER (Artist/Producer -“The Orb”)

Track By Track:
I ‘Prologue - Helictite Labyrinth’ is a dark and brooding track with a cavernous atmosphere. Helictites are a type of contorted stalactite formation that has the appearance of having grown in zero gravity – it is this kind of space that you find yourself in, moved by pulsing synths with watery fills through an extensive honeycomb of continuously evolving subterranean sound chambers.

II ‘Deimos’ Prophecy’ brings you out of the organic space of the labyrinth and into an electronic world shaped by a hypnotic twangy synth rhythm. There is a fluid tension to floaty background synths juxtaposed with tape echo effects and the organic sound of wind chimes. This is a space to play with the outside within…

III ‘Night Watch’ tunes in with synths like singing bowls full of water and a haunting flute which re-orients the listener and creates a gentle landing in another big soundscape. Echoes of Kalabash and a big dub bassline blend the organic and electronic and set a slow moving but purposeful pace to this eerie night time adventure.

IV ‘Dawn Cliffs: Il Risveglio Delle Pietre’ … dawn flutes and big synths open the horizon slowly.. organic engines whirr into life and away.. Somewhere beyond the individual awakenings a bigger sun is rising… ancient tongues pronounce “You are good when you are one with yourself. Yet when you are not one with yourself you are not evil”… by Kahlil Gibran.

V ‘Micro-Evolution’…. Tick tack tick tack tick… organic becomes electronic. At a cellular level things are busy.. attention to the details… speeds the mind… zoom in, zoom out… the sequence runs like a thread through everything… it is everything yet it is only a detail… psst.. hey.. …are you still with me?

VI ‘Interlude’… an electrostatic wind blows through an almost deserted wasteland clearing the dust from the remnants of an encounter…awakening solitary strings that are melancholy, human.. Something once thought gone shows signs of life… the story the cello tells is not over yet ... it is in continuum…

VII ‘Dub Hypnosis’… a hypnotic journey of the bass line – above timbale echoes and hypnotic rhythms converse building and fading. Organic and minimal dubby and groovy… between the long rhythmic passages breakdowns leave you suspended in spaces of your own making…rhythmic journey.

VIII ‘Bass Instinct’ ... Eerie metallic synths spear the darkness like sweeping flashlights, electronic wildlife warns of intrusion… whatever’s out there is what you’re looking for ...target’s unsure, but within earshot… what was once discordant and foreign is now inviting. An edgy and enticing tribal beat draws you into its midst. Steel and skin, electronic and organic get down together in a union of opposites… Ritualistic, dark and sexy.

IX ‘Space-Mind Continuum’ ..Shells, water and electronic thunder… subterranean air shivers and creatures bristle.. tension holds everything apart - the electronic and the organic are posturing for confrontation. Below the surface things are calmer, a rhythmic pulse threads in and out.. the feel is viscous like the movement a of sub-aquatic creature. …the tension starts to crack and the sounds come together.. rhythm… Orientation. The rhythm and the pulse make their own paths… distinct yet harmonious.

X ‘No Escape’ …a metallic and mechanical groove sequence weaves in and out of a slow build of synths that create an unreachable horizon. Your attention is never allowed too far beyond the twisted frequency-bending meanderings of the groove which follows you like sound carried down metal pipes. It’s like moving through the rooms and corridors of abandoned workstations and factories to escape a sound that constantly changes, sometimes fades but never goes away… it’s miles away but it’s in your head!

XI ‘Epilogue - After the plunge’…A pulse like a slow deep massage brings touchdown from the last track with a slow sub-aqueous glide, the drag of the pulsing synth releases tension…voices are mournful. Surfacing to the calm after the storm, deep in thought, dazed and still within… the mind is calm…yet not all is at peace ;)


released February 6, 2005

produced by Gaudi
all traxx written by Gaudi and Antonio Testa except:
track III by Gaudi, Antonio Testa, Walter Maioli
track VI by Gaudi, Antonio Testa, Martin Radford
track VII by Gaudi, Antonio Testa, Ashtech
track VIII by Gaudi, Matt B
track XI, by Gaudi
concept & track titles by Wordsmith
recorded @ Metatron Studio London

C O N T I N V V M is:
Gaudi: Moog, Theremin, Tape Echoes, Keyboards, Ondes Martenot, Programming.
Antonio Testa: Kalabash (water drum), Bone Flutes, Mbira, Stones, Stalagmites, Shells, Drones, Textures.

guest musicians & artists who collaborated on this project :
Aaron Austin : voice, track II - Poppy Kinloch : voice, track II - Alio Die : drones, track II - Walter Maioli : nai flute, track III - Opium : drones. Track III - Nir Bakshy : voice, track IV - Martin Radford : cello, track VI - Ash : bass, track VII - Matt B : keyboards, track VIII.


www.gaudimusic.com www.antoniotesta.info


all rights reserved



GAUDI London, UK

A global favourite in the dub/electronica scenes, producer, thereminist and solo artist Gaudi's infectious bass-driven sound has contributed to productions, collaborations, songwriting and remixes for acts including: The Orb, Steel Pulse, Lee "Scratch" Perry Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Simple Minds, Lamb, Horace Andy, Groove Armada, Deep Forest, Mad Professor, Sizzla, Pete Namlook, Shpongle, Elisa... ... more


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